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Which is the best mattress for back pain?

Back pain  is a major cause of distress for millions of people in India and especially working professionals who have desk jobs. It affects your daily performance at work, mood, general well-being and getting a good night of sleep. Sleeping on a poor mattress puts you at a very high risk for chronic back pain.

Mattress for Back Pain

So how do you avoid back pain due to mattress?

By following the steps below to  choose the best mattress for back ache:

1. Check the Firmness

Medium-Firm mattress are scientifically proven to help back pain sufferers and positively influence quality of sleep when compared from hard/firm mattress. Sleeping on a firm mattress can worsen your back pain and your quality of sleep.

bonobed firm mattress

Tip: Lie down on the mattress and check the firmness. On a scale of 0 to 10, with 0 being soft like jello to 10 being hard like floor,  medium-firm is somewhere around 6.5. 

2. Does it put too much pressure on your back? 

You should avoid mattresses that put too much pressure on your joints. If you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, it’s important to prevent excessive pressure on your critical joints and muscles. Memory foam are visco-elastic in nature which contours around your body and can aid in pressure relief.

So, is Memory Foam mattress good for back pain?

Pressure relief mattress

Tip: Memory foam are good for pressure relief but negatively affects your quality of sleep. You may sleep too hot, sink-in, feel stuck and find it difficult to change postures during sleep. Read more on How Bonobed takes care of these issues by creating unique layering with Latex.

Does it provide orthopedic support to your spine?

It should provide optimum support to your spine and maintain it’s natural alignment in all sleeping positions over the course of the night. Your body weight should be evenly distributed. 

Tip: When you sleep on your back, you should feel the entire curve of your back to be in contact with the mattress and is also well supported.

Check the surface of the mattress

Ensure that you are sleeping on the surface of the mattress and do not feel sinking in it. Memory foam mattresses are known to be very soft and lack support, which prevents you from getting a good night of sleep. Spring or Latex mattresses and Firmer Orthopedic Mattresses enable you to sleep on the mattress but puts excessive pressure which worsens chronic back pain. 


Best Mattress for Back & Spine

Tip: Mattress with the balanced feel is required to help relieve back pain and promote long term orthopedic and spinal health.   

So what kind of mattress is good for back pain?

Memory foam mattress   Latex mattress Spring mattress
Firmness Soft/Medium-Soft Medium/Medium Firm Medium/Firm
Pressure relief  
Orthopedic Support
Contouring around body curves
Recommended  for Acute Back pain (lasting for up to only 1-2 weeks)
Recommended  for Chronic Back pain 
Quality of sleep(Deep Sleep, REM Sleep, Total Sleep) Low Moderate Low
Popular Brands Tempur Pedic, PosturpedicSleepwell, Kurl On

Sleepycat, Sleepyhead, Wink&Nod, Sunday Rest, Wakefit

Sunday RestWakefit Serta, Simmons Beautyrest, Springfit, Springwel,

Read more– Best mattress for heavy/fat/overweight people

Material Science Pro Tip:  If you weigh more than 90 kgs, it’s important to buy a mattress that have foams and materials with higher densities and compression modulus.

So finally, which is the best mattress for back pain in india?

It seems like there is no existing complete back-care mattress. Everyone focused on only a few things. That is why we designed Bono.

Bono was designed using a human-centric technology where we studied the impact of layering various materials on the human body and created a multi-layer mattress that assimilates the pros of various materials and throws away the cons.

Sleep happens in the brain and any mattress that is designed without studying the impact of the surface on the various sleep parts is not an ideal mattress.

A mattress like-never before. Designed by a doctor in Boston, US. It is the most optimal mattress for 97% of the people.

Bono is available in three different sizes.

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