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Hypoallergenic Mattress Online in India

What is the Best Anti Allergy Mattress?

A hypoallergenic (or anti-allergy) mattress is one that is designed and manufactured in such a way that it prevents allergic reactions. Harmful textile dyes, chemicals, dust mites, molds and other microscopic organisms causes allergic reactions. So, it is important to choose a mattress carefully.

Bonobed has specially engineered the mattress for allergy sufferers made from proprietary technology that facilitates 8 to 10 times higher airflow than other mattresses sold in the market, keeping the interior of the mattress clean and free from bacteria. Use of hypoallergenic mattress materials and ultra premium quality of foams & fabrics made without harmful chemicals provide good defence against skin and respiratory allergies. Now it’s time to say goodbye to your mattress allergies by buying Bonobed mattress online today.  

The Bonobed mattress  comes in an easily removable and cleanable cover which is made with premium grade Oeko-Tex certified safe fabric. This allows you to clean the cover easily keeping in mind Indian conditions.  This routine easy maintenance ensures that no bacterial or fungal growth takes house even in the long term.

Further, a significant number of people are allergic to natural latex but are generally unaware of this. So, using a pure or blended natural latex mattress can cause allergies. Hence, Bonobed mattress uses laboratory developed latex using the best international safety practices. This provides similar benefits as natural latex without its harmful effects.

Invest in Allergy Free Mattresses

Choosing the right allergy free mattress is very important as it ensures not only an allergy-free good night sleep but a long term health. Sneezing, itchy eyes, itchiness all over the body and stuffy nose are some of the common symptoms in allergy sufferers. The hypoallergenic mattress is the best choice as it supports in creating an allergen-free sleeping environment in your bedroom.

Benefits of investing in anti allergy mattress :

  • Reduced bacterial and fungal growth
    Premium grade materials are resistant to bacterial and fungal growth. Further, the use of easily cleanable cover ensures easy maintenance which helps in maintaining hypoallergenic conditions. 
  • Keeps you healthy and active all day
    There sure are a lot of things that can disturb your sleep but one of the most common causes of a poor night’s sleep is allergies, leaving you lethargic for whole day. Also, causes rashes, sore throats, watery eyes, and difficulty breathing. So, buy allergy friendly mattress and stay active and healthy
  • Safer for children
    A clean bedroom is important for your child’s health. A hypoallergenic mattress can help keep your child’s allergies or asthma at bay. Traditional mattresses are breeding places for unwanted bacterial and fungal growth. They also accumulate a lot of dust over long term which can worsen asthma.

Buy Hypoallergenic Mattress Online

Do not have time to go out and buy a mattress? Looking for the best mattress for dust mite allergy but too lazy to visit a physical mattress store? Confused about choosing the right mattress for you? Bonobed is a one-stop answer to all your problems. Now shop mattresses online effortlessly in just 3 easy steps : Visit choose the mattress size that suits you and place the order. Bonobed mattress are made with ultra premium materials without any harmful cancer, allergies or earth destroying chemicals. 

Bonobed mattress is now available in 3 different sizes – best king size mattress, queen bed mattress size and twin size mattress. In addition, you can avail our 30 night free trial. This will enable you to try out our extremely premium & comfortable mattress within the comforts of your own home for 30 nights. If you are not happy we’ll take it back.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q Is premium hypoallergenic Bonobed mattress waterproof?

A Yes, Bonobed premium mattresses are waterproof with 10 years of limited warranty.

Q Are memory foam mattress allergy proof?

A You should choose mattresses made from hypoallergenic and the ones that are easy to maintain and clean over a long-term. Our premium grade products are carefully engineered without allergens. The removable cover ensures easy maintenance and cleaning which prevents dirt, bacterial and fungal growth.

Q Do Hypo allergenic mattresses smell of chemicals?

A While other mattresses smell of harmful chemicals when you open them up and it may take a few days for the smell to go away. Bonobed mattresses are made with best international safety protocols. The products are CertiPur-US certified and do not smell of these harmful chemicals.

To read more about these certification read here.

Q What is the price of anti allergy mattresses in India?

A Price of our premium mattress starts at ₹46,000 in India. Most other cheaper options are not that great and may cause harm to your health & body. Moreover, 0% EMI option is also available.

Q What mattress is best for allergy sufferers?

A Looking for the best mattress for allergy sufferers? Bonobed mattresses create an unfriendly environment for mold, mildew, allergens, and dust mites.

Q Any additional shipping charges when buying Bonobed mattress online?

A No, additional charges. Bonobed provides absolutely FREE shipping and return policy in India.

Fans Us

Pawanjot SinghGurgaon

Bonobed mattress has given me the best nights sleep I've ever experienced. Its firmness is just right. I'm a side sleeper and this is the perfect firmness for me. It also stays cool throughout the night which is a huge plus because I tend to sleep hot. It is simply magnificent and affordable.

Dr. Sid VermaNew Delhi

We've been sleeping on Bonobed for almost a month now. We used to wake up sore every morning and I had a lot of trouble sleeping but now I lay down and immediately feel comfortable enough to sleep. I'd just say one cannot lose sleep when one has the Bonobed mattress.

Dip NandaNew Delhi

I love my Bonobed mattress! It’s everything it was advertised to be and more. It’s so supportive and comfortable! It feels awesome in all sleeping positions. It was worth every penny I paid for it!

Bonobed loves you back, no springs attached

Precisely and passionately engineered mattress for the best sleep ever.

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